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Policies and Procedures

Our Program is committed to providing high quality supports and services that meet your needs. We value your feedback – including complaints. We view complaints as an opportunity to improve our supports and services.

Complaints and Feedback can be made on our “Complaints and Feedback” Form, copies are available in our front reception area.  You can also email us at

We take all of the compliments to team meetings to share. We appreciate you taking time to let us know what you think we do well and where we can improve our supports. We want to hear from you about how we’re doing.

Click Here to download a Complaints and Feedback  Form.

Click Here to view our Complaints and Feedback Brochure.

Click Here to download a copy of our Complaints Handling Policy & Procedure.

Client Rights & Responsibilities

These are many things you, the consumer, should expect from our service including:

  • The right to considerate and respectful supports and services at all times and under all circumstances from our team.
  • The right to obtain from your Key Worker complete and current information in terms and language you can easily understand.
  • The right to determine what happens to you and your child.

For a complete list of Client Rights, please Click Here.

Click Here to view the Decision Making and Consent Policy

Your Information – Its Private

When you access supports from Early Connections – Coffs Coast a client
record is created. A new record is created each time you visit. The information you give us helps us provide you with the most appropriate supports and services to meet your needs and achieve goals for your child.

Your information can only be accessed by the Early Connections team members providing supports to you. We will only release information to others about you with your consent. We have strict confidentiality and privacy policies to ensure your information is stored securely.

Click Here to view our Your Information – Its Private Brochure.

Interactions with children and Behaviour Management

Interactions with Children and Behaviour Management

The Early Connections – Coffs Coast team will ensure that all interactions with children and families are consistent with the Organisation’s Interactions with Children Policy and the Positive Guidance and Behaviour Management Policy. The team will use appropriate strategies to guide children to express their behaviours and emotions in positive, developmentally appropriate ways, in a safe and empowering environment. The use of physical force, embarrassment or sarcasm is never practised. Restraint of a child should be minimal and used as a last resort and only happen if the child is hurting themselves or others. If behaviour becomes significantly challenging staff will:

  • Observe, record and identify triggers that lead to significantly challenging behaviour;
  • Develop a behaviour management plan.

Click Here to view the Interactions with Children Policy

Click Here to view the Positive Guidance and Behaviour Management Policy

Child Protection

Early Connections – Coffs Coast has a moral, ethical and legal responsibility to ensure that all children are safe and all staff will provide training, resources, information and guidance to support this. We are committed to:

  • Ensuring that the health, safety and wellbeing of children at the service is protected at all times while also promoting their individual goals and outcomes.
  • Fulfilling its duty of care obligations under the law by protecting children from any reasonable, foreseeable risk of injury or harm. Ensuring that all staff, students and volunteers caring for or engaging with children act in the best interests of the child, and take all reasonable steps to ensure the child’s safety and wellbeing at all times.
  • Supporting the rights of all children to feel safe, and be safe, at all times.
  • Developing and maintaining a culture in which children feel valued, respected and cared for.
  • Encouraging active participation from parents/carers and families and ensuring that best practice is based on a partnership approach with shared responsibility for children’s health, safety, wellbeing and development.
  • Offering support options and information on support services / advocacy services for all involved – including the child (and child’s family) and any employees. (see Complaints Handling Policy and Procedure for more information)
  • All staff will be vigilant in monitoring each child and family with whom they are working to identify signs or situations when a child appears to be at risk of harm arising from neglect or abuse.

Click Here to view the Child protection Policy and Procedure

We also have available our Strategic Plan, Business Plan and Marketing Plan. Please contact Stacey Bayliss, Business Development Manager if you would like to view a copy of these documents.