Gumnuts Infant Monitoring Program

We are pleased to offer a monitoring service to families of premature babies. The Gumnuts Infant Monitoring Program monitors the development of premature or extremely low birth weight infants, particularly those born at less than 32 weeks gestation. Infants who have experienced complicated births are also included in the target group. These infants are considered to be at risk of disability/developmental delay.


If the infant is demonstrating signs of delay or abnormal development, then the family is offered a more intensive intervention program. A staff member from the Special Care Nursery at Coffs Harbour Health Campus contacts Early Connections – Coffs Coast, with the family’s permission, and requests an initial visit before the infant is discharged.

Developmental Review

Individual appointments are made to review the infant’s development at the following ages:

  • After Hospital discharge
  • One month corrected
  • Eight months corrected
  • Twelve months corrected

A formal developmental assessment appointment is offered once the infant is walking. The Gumnuts Infant Monitoring Program is unique in this area; it enables indicators of developmental difficulties to be detected early, facilitating timely interventions to be implemented. It is additional to paediatric and Early Childhood Clinic checks, and provides families with a comprehensive developmental check with an experienced therapist and early childhood special educator.

A yearly administration fee is charged for babies monitored under this Program.