Splash & Play Program

Splash & Play is a therapeutic water play program run by our Physiotherapist and Educator. This program introduces children to the beneficial and fun effects of water play and therapy.

Weekly water sessions are held at the hydrotherapy pool of the Coffs Harbour Health Campus during Terms 2 and Term 4, focusing on water familiarization and early swim skills. Many children with delays or disabilities benefit from being in the water, including children with cerebral palsy and chromosomal syndromes.

Children move along at their own pace whilst being part of the group using songs and games to achieve relaxation, movement and breath control.

Benefits of Splash & Play

  • Familiarisation with the water environment – activities such as holding the side rails, blowing bubbles, and safely putting heads under the water.
  • Learning pre-swimming and early swim skills – supporting children to move on to community-based swim school lessons.
  • Group learning and socialisation through games, songs and play – simple songs, signs and actions are used repetitively every week to help the children prepare for each activity, whether it be entry from the side (Humpty Dumpty), floating on the back (being a pancake), or holding a kickboard (being a motor boat).
  • Land-based skills such as standing, balancing and walking can also be practiced in the water, using the buoyancy and turbulence to assist or resist the action.
  • Individual goals are set in collaboration with the Physiotherapist and families.
  • Providing alternate movement setting for children with multiple disabilities.
  • Group learning and socialisation through games, songs and play.
  • Parent support and socialisation.

We gratefully acknowledge the funding made available from local clubs through the Community Development and Support Expenditure Scheme (CDSES), which enabled the program to commence in 2009.